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Kawasaki Ninja ex250 exhaust
Full System - Standard Carbon Fiber Muffler

Kawasaki ex250 Ninja exhaust system
Full System - Long Quiet Carbon Fiber Muffler

Kawasaki ex250 aftermarket exhaust
Full System - Standard Stainless Steel Muffler

 *This system is currently discontinued*

Features large diameter 304 series stainless steel head pipes that join into a 2 - 1 racing style merge collector complete with slip-fit spring mounting. This is followed by a large diameter mid-pipe and a Standard 12” muffler (carbon fiber or stainless steel) or Optional 18” long quiet muffler (carbon fiber only) with turn down exit tip. Core diameter is 2.0” for standard mufflers and 1.75” for long quiet mufflers. Excellent power increase and huge weight savings. Great exhaust tone as well. The polished muffler body clamps are laser cut from 304 series stainless steel with extruded rubber insulators. Stainless steel T-Bolt clamps are utilized on the muffler inlet, along with race inspired stainless steel springs securing the head pipes to the merge collector.

Optional Long Quiet Muffler - 18" muffler with 1.75" core. Available in Carbon Fiber only.  Significantly quieter than the Standard muffler.  Overall power is virtually identical to the standard muffler, but with a much lower sound level.  

Kawasaki Ninja ex250 battery box
Aluminum Battery Box

Kawasaki Ninja ex250 performance air filters
Uni-Filter Pods

Performance Kit – Remove the bulky and restrictive OEM air box/battery box with this kit. Installation of the Uni-Filters and Crankcase Breather Element will increase performance, save weight, and provide much easier access to your carburetors. Available as a complete kit.  Includes the Aluminum Battery Box, Two Uni Air Filter Pods, and Uni Crankcase Breather Element. The Aluminum Battery Box is made from 6061 material and precisely formed and TIG welded for easy installation.  You must rejet with this kit.   *Please note this kit is currently only available with purchase of our full exhaust system.
Quiet exhaust insert
D.E.I. - Dual Element Insert - Sound Attenuator

D.E.I. (Dual Element Insert) Sound Attenuator - Primarily designed for those wishing to reduce the sound level of the Standard Area P muffler*. The D.E.I consists of a 304 series stainless steel "Nozzle" and 6061 billet cnc aluminum "Module" insert with high temp O-Ring. Comes with detailed instructions and easy installation. It can be used as simply the "Nozzle" by itself. Or for further attenuation of sound, both the Nozzle and Billet module together. It will reduce decibel levels by 6 - 8 dbA. *NOTE - Primarily designed for the Standard Muffler. Power will be reduced. It will not be as quiet and/or perform as well as the Long Quiet Core Muffler.


Dynojet Jet kit- We highly recommend rejetting the carburetors. Dynojet kit # 2138 will dramatically improve throttle response and increase performance. We have them in stock and available for your convenience.

12 pounds (18 lbs with air box and center stand removed)

Click here to hear our 2007 EX250 Ninja on a dyno run (with standard muffler).
Click here to hear the same EX250 on a dyno run (with long quiet muffler).

Static sound readings:
Stock80 dbA86 dbA
Standard muffler (2.0" core)88 dbA99 dbA
Long Quiet muffler (1.75" core)83 dbA90 dbA


Kawasaki EX250 Dyno ChartExcellent power increase at low end, mid-range and top end. Very linear on both hp and tq. Peak power is achieved at a lower rpm ceiling (always desirable). We highly recommend rejetting for optimum results with Dynojet kit #2138. Removing the air box and replacing with Uni-Filters and Crankcase breather element is also recommended. Dyno graph shown is with Performance kit installed, along with Dynojet kit. We offer a package kit of Aluminum Battery Box, Uni-Filters, Crankcase Breather and Dynojet Kit for your convenience.
US$45.00 D.E.I. - Sound Attenuator
US$79.95 Dynojet Kit # 2138
US$525.00 Full System - Long Quiet Carbon Fiber Muffler
US$495.00 Full System - Standard Carbon Fiber Muffler
US$450.00 Full System - Standard Stainless Steel Muffler
US$99.95 Performance Kit - Aluminum Battery Box & Uni Filters

For more information or to order, click here to contact us!